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The Direct Marketing Audit Systems PowerTools data management and manipulation tool set was created in 2009 to augment our existing online services, providing new ways for customers to work with their data online.  The PowerTools interface is an Internet-based application host that allows for many of our service functions to be available online, contained within the power and security of our servers.

Our clients have access to their own online FileBox in which to send, store, and retrieve files.  In your FileBox, you create project folders to organize and work with your files.  From each PowerTool, you choose files to work with and tasks to perform, much how you would on an application running on your own computer.  If you need assistance using the PowerTools, our representatives are here to help, where we can walk you through individual steps, or even perform work "offline" and then place your finished files back into your FileBox for you to access.

Just a few advantages of the DMAS PowerTools:
· 24/7 access to your data from the convenience of any Internet connection
· no 3rd party "plug-ins" or "add-ons" required to use the PowerTools
· Job status available in real-time, and most jobs take only minutes to process
· Commonized and familiar-looking interfaces for all PowerTools for easy navigation and gentle learning curve
· All orders are archived online for up to one year, and can be stored offline for up to 5 years
· Customer support is here to guide, help, or even perform the work offline to get the job done for you

The PowerTools are available to registered users of our site, with no recurring member or subscription fees.  You pay only for what you use, after being assured you're getting the results you want.

Management and Reporting
no charge
  Compress, decompress, package,
  and password-protect files

no charge
  Upload, share, and download files,
  and organize them into project folders

Count & Report
$0.10 / 1000
  View and print in-depth breakout reports on your data

no charge
  View and print sample segments of your data
  for detailed examination and analysis
Maintenance and Enhancement
$0.10 / 1000
  Sort, select, and trim your data file
  based on specified field criteria
Gender Code
$0.10 / 1000
  Analyze names in a file and apply gender codes
Match & Combine
$0.20 / 1000
  Compare contents of two different files, merge matching content
Proper Case
$0.15 / 1000
  Convert text in your file to upper, lower, or proper case format
$0.15 / 1000
  Change the record layout and file type of a data file
Merge / Purge
$0.40 / 1000
  Create and execute a complete multi-pass merge/purge
  process against multiple data files
The file management tools allow you to get your files onto our server and back to you again, organize the files into managable projects, and examine the data while working with it.
The Archive PowerTool allows you to upload files that are compressed, then decompress them on our server, greatly reducing bandwidth and upload time.  You can also compress your completed files for faster download, package multiple files into a single archive file, and create password-protected archives for additional security.
The FileBox allows you to upload and download your files, so you can easily organize and work with your data while hosted on our server.  Multiple files may be uploaded at once.  An integrated progress bar shows upload stats, so you know your file is moving.  You may create project folders to organize your files, and uploaded files can be renamed and deleted.  The FileBox is entirely browser-based and requires no 3rd party plug-ins or add-ons, for cross-platform compatibility and maximum reliability.
Our Count Reports PowerTool allows you to count instances of any bit of demographic data in your file, and even create cross-field combination counts for in-depth analysis.
The List Examiner PowerTool is often used in conjunction with the Count & Report tool.  While the Reports are useful for viewing the database as a whole, ListX is for looking at a snapshot, or sample, of your data, for detailed examination.
The maintenance and enhancement tools allow you to perform many of the functions we offer as services, with turnaround time and pricing you won't find anywhere else.
The Data Sort tool allows you to sort a file on one or more fields, but can also do far more.  You can merge together multiple files already in the same format, perform simple selections and omissions, and trim a record down to remove unneeded fields and reduce file size.
Gender Coder is a powerful tool for applying gender codes to a file.  We update our names database regularly to keep up with naming trends.  Our gender coding application can also take into account an existing gender code, and has an adjustable Unisex Threshold, to give you the most accurate results.
Match reads in a Primary and Auxillary file, matching data in one or two fields, and writes out matching and balance (non-matching) records to one or two output files.  This flexible tool provides an easy way to perform a ZIP-Select, as well as merging a customer file with updated data from another source.

Combine is a similar tool that is used to match primary and auxillary records, build a match set, and write a merged output record, such as merging customer name in a primary file with seats purchased at an event, or a tax ID number in a name and address file with records of personal property owned by tax ID.
Proper Case conversion is often necessary when putting together files that have come from different sources or database formats.  Once you have the data together, you may end up with some records in all caps, some in mixed-case, and some in lower case.  ProperCase can convert individual fields, or entire records, to a common-case format.  ProperCase can also convert US and Canadian State/Province names into their correct two-character abbreviation.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks in getting data processed and turned into a successful marketing campaign or useful database seems to be that everyone is using different database formats, and can't seem to work with each others' formats.  The Reformat PowerTool can turn fixed-length files into delimited, and vice-versa.  It can also rearrange and resize fields, plug in static "filler" text, justify field contents, and add sequence numbers.
Our Merge/Purge software is complex and powerful, and the PowerTools interface makes it usable and available.  Once your files are uploaded into a project folder, and their formats have been commonized with our M/P prep tool, you can set up and run your customized Merge Purge project.  You can include numerous files in both a Retention and Suppression zone, set purge level at Address or Individual, and even fine-tune matching as tight, medium, or loose, to achieve the best possible results.  Along with your duplicate-free output file, our system creates detailed, multifaceted reports, and a complete process log.

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