PowerTool Help


The Archiver PowerTool allows you to upload files that are compressed, then decompress them on our server, greatly reducing bandwidth and upload time. You can also compress your completed files for faster download, package multiple files into a single archive file, and create password-protected archives for additional security.

Create a New Archive or Update an Existing Archive
1) Select a work folder from the folder menu under the Files In FileBox heading
2) Add files to the New Archive list by double-clicking them, or using the [+] button.
To remove files from the New Archive list, double-click them, or use the [-] button.
3) Select a folder to place your new archive file in the menu under the New Archive file list.
For updating, select the folder where your existing archive is located.
4) Give the archive file a name, including a valid file extension.
Supported file extensions are ZIP and RAR.
5) Click the [Compress Archive] button, and your archive file will be created or updated.

View or Expand an Existing Archive
1) Select an archive file from the Archives In FileBox list
The file date, size, and summary will appear in the below boxes
2) Click [Expand Archive], and the files will be extracted into the current FileBox folder.
*caution* existing files with the same name will be overwritten by the extracted files
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