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Solutions In the Cloud and On the Ground!

In the cloud, we provide web hosting, comprehensive data access and management tools, and legacy I.T. services for industry.

On the ground, we perform design, prototyping, and manufacturing, with a vast array of processes, from manual cutting to multi-axis CNC maching, CNC Laser marking and cutting, 3D Printing, and RTV rubber and plastic mold-making and manufacturing.
What You Get With The DMAS Team!

From our attentive customer service to our hard working techs, superior products and services with speed and precision is what the DMAS team is all about.

From our workstations to our web server, our digital systems are built, maintained, and hosted in-house.  From our raw materials to our machines, our mechanical systems are functional and diverse.  All this adds up to a friendly and innovative team, ready to be your Digital / Mechanical Advanced Solutions.

Contact us today to find out what solutions we have for your digital and mechanical needs!

Hygiene, Enhancement & Merge/Purge
Append, enhance, and deduplicate your lists for the greatest possible value
List Counts, Reports, & Orders
Manage lists, create complex reports, and process list orders securely and easily
Cloud-Based Apps & Storage
Store, manage, examine, and manipulate your data from anywhere with PowerTools®

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