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The Service Bureau's Service Bureau!

DMAS provides Cloud-based data access and management tools and web application hosting, as well as legacy services with top-tier customer support, for the direct marketing industry.  At DMAS, we pride ourselves in providing accurate and affordable direct marketing data services to services bureaus, letter-shops, and list owners and managers.  We specialize in merge/purge, cleansing and enhancement, maintenance, list rental fulfillment, and response modeling and analysis.

What You Get With The DMAS Team!

Service with speed and precision is what the DMAS team is all about. From process workstations to our web server, our systems are built, maintained, and hosted in house, giving us more flexibility and you a more personalized experience. With our customizable 3-pass M/P process your data is more duplicate free. We are a friendly and innovative team, ready to meet your Direct Marketing needs.

Call us today to see how we can maximize your marketing effort: 314-739-7480

Hygiene, Enhancement & Merge/Purge
Append, enhance, and deduplicate your lists for the greatest possible value
List Counts, Reports, & Orders
Manage lists, create complex reports, and process list orders securely and easily
Cloud-Based Apps & Storage
Store, manage, examine, and manipulate your data from anywhere with PowerTools®

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