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DMAS specializes in turning your data into accessable, available, and useful information.  We offer a wide range of solutions to maximize your marketing effort, including basic list hygiene, data enhancement, customizable merge/purge operations, and secure cloud-based database management and maintenance.

Because we host and maintain our own servers, and write many of our own applications in-house, we have more control and greater agility, to give our clients the best possible results at the most competitive prices.  The list below shows some of our capabilities.

Data Management and Maintenance
Merge / Purge
  US  ·  Canada  ·  International  ·  Consumer  ·  Business
Address Verification and Correction
  NCOA  ·  LACS  ·  DSF
Data Enhancement
  Phone, Email, and Address Append
  Gender and Geo Coding
File Matching
File Building and Maintenance
Postal Coding and Postal Presort
File and Process Auditing
Database Modeling and Response Analysis
Extensive Counts and Reports
List Rental Fulfillment
Internet Marketing Systems
File Formatting
  Fixed-Width  ·  Delimited  ·  Excel  ·  XML  ·  Database
  Proper Case Conversion and Content Standardizing
  Name and Address Field Merge and Parse
File Output and Hosting
  Password-Protected ZIP/RAR File
  ZIP  ·  RAR
  ISO  ·  LHA
Physical Media
  Pressure Sensitive Labels (Avery 5160 30/pg; others by request)
Electronic Media
  SD / MicroSD  ·  USB Thumb Drive
Cloud Storage and Electronic Transmission
  FileBox and DataVault (web browser)
Cloud Data Management and Maintenance
  NetCounts - process list counts and orders online
  PowerTools - manipulate your data via web browser
  Web Hosting - Data-Driven Web Applications and File Access
  Custom Projects - we can meet your cloud computing needs
Our Merge/Purge software was written and is maintained in-house.  Our fully customizable software allows us to fine-tune parameters to match the database nuances and customer needs.
Reduce waste by making sure your data is up-to-date by running address verification and correction, such as NCOA, on it.
Enhance your data by appending phone numbers, email addresses, and other useful information
As list managers, this is our speciality!  See your data in ways you never thought possible, with comprehensive counts and reports.  This service also is available "in the cloud" for our clients, both as part of our NetCounts system, and a stand-alone PowerTool!
List Rental Fulfillment is one of our core services, and it's where we really shine.  Complex selections and comprehensive reports are no problem.  Need your order shipped on a CD-ROM, or made available on our secure FTP Server?  We can do that.  Need to run a count on your list at 6am on a Saturday?  Our web browser based NetCounts system makes it possible.
One of the biggest stumbling blocks to turning your data into a successful campaign seems to be that everyone is using different file formats, and can't seem to work with each others' formats.
We can accept nearly any kind of file format, and can turn it into something you can work with.  In addition, file formatting and sorting are available to our customers via the web, within our PowerTools application set.
Getting Your data where it needs to go securely is just as important as getting the job done.  In addition to our secure online shipping methods, we can secure your files by using password-protected file compression and PGP.
For faster electronic transmission and enhanced data integrity, we support multiple file compression formats.
Our PowerTools users can upload a compressed file, decompress it online, perform the necessary processes, compress it, and download the compressed file, using our Archiver PowerTool.
We can ship list orders and completed projects in numerous ways.  The most common format is CD-ROM, with larger projects on DVD-ROM.  We also support older formats, such as IOmega's ZIP-Disk and standard 3.5" floppies, and can handle other formats on request.
If you need PS or 4-Up Cheshire labels, we've got you covered there, too.
We support standard email and FTP.  For added security, we also offer Secure FTP (SSH), and FTPS (SSL/TLS).
Our DataVault is a web-based file management site that requires no registration or technical expertise.  We create a FileBox in the Vault, and send you the credentials to pick up or drop off your files.
Registered users of also have access to their very own FileBox, where they can upload and download files, create project folders, and use the DMAS PowerTools to work with their data via web browser.
While our customer service is second to none, there is often no replacement for being able to do the job yourself.  With our Cloud Data Management and Maintenance tools, we make it possible to perform nearly any task with your data from the convenience of nearly any web-enabled device.
You can perform list selections and run orders via NetCounts, and manage files and manipulate your data with our PowerTools.  If your requirements are more specialized, we can help you there, too, by creating a Custom Project to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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