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General Information:
Direct Marketing Audit Systems is located in scenic Northwestern Saint Louis County, Missouri, within minutes of downtown Saint Louis to the East, and historic Saint Charles to the West.  DMAS was founded in 1991, and is here for the future, as a full service Direct Marketing Service Bureau.

What We Do:
Our services include merge/purge, postal qualification, sanitation and enhancement, maintenance, list rental fulfillment, counts and reports, and more!  For more detail, check out our Services page.  To contact a representative about meeting your needs, contact us, and we will show you what solutions Direct Marketing Audit Systems has to offer.

The DMAS Advantage:
We code and maintain most of our own applications, and are able to match customer needs, instead of forcing customers to conform to the restrictions of "canned" solutions.

From process workstations to our web server, our systems are built, maintained, and hosted by our own IT Department, not by 3rd party vendors.  This gives us greater control, security, and flexibility, to ensure we can meet your needs quickly, whether the request is a simple list order or a complex cloud computing solution.

We have developed a merge/purge process that has not been beaten in head-to-head tests.  With a customizable 3-pass process, we typically find 1 to 3 percent more duplicates in files thought to be duplicate free.  Our extensive toolbox includes software to perform operations such as file matching, data appending, and file updating and householding.

Key People
  Founder and Owner
  Database Maintenance Manager
  I.T. Manager / ISA Architect


Dennis' prior experience was as VP of Data Processing (IT) with Market Development Corporation and Metromail Corporation.  Much of his time was spent developing and perfecting IT services for direct marketers using mainframe computers.
Dennis founded DMAS in July, 1991 and established the ability to perform mainframe quality work on PCs.  This gave DMAS a giant cost and flexibility advantage over the major direct marketing service bureaus.
Currently, Dennis guides the day to day operations, and develops and oversees specific projects as required.

Mike worked for Dennis at Market Development and Metromail for more than 20 years, in Computer Operations, Production, Programming, and Management, before joining DMAS in 1995.  Today, Mike coordinates many of the services provided for our clients involving File Conversions, List Hygiene, Merge/Purge, Order Processing, Programming, and Special Requests.

Travis joined the team in 1998 as a list order processor.  He was soon promoted to IT Manager, and later also assumed the newly formed role of Internet Services and Applications Architect.
As IT Manager, Travis oversees new system builds, systems maintenance, server and workstation upgrades, and client tickets related to Internet services.  As ISA Architect, Travis works with clients and management to direct the creation and maintenance of web services, such as the NetCounts system and the PowerTools Cloud Apps.
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