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Services: NetCounts
Online List Count, Report, and Order System

The Direct Marketing Audit Systems Internet Counts and Orders System, NetCounts, was created in 1999 to facilitate fast, secure, and easy access to list counts and reports for one of our clients.  Since its inception, NetCounts has evolved into a powerful selection, reporting, and list order assembly tool that we now make available to all of our clients.  "Software as a Service" before anyone knew what to call it!

Unlike systems some others have created, ours is not entirely web-based.  Most companies have two wholly separate systems they use for processing counts and orders - a simplified and crippled "online" version, and the in-house software that can only be accessed by company personnel.   Ours has always been unique in that we don't use two separate systems.  Instead, NetCounts acts as a SaaS Gateway for our own software.  This means that our clients can run extensive reports, create complex list selections, and even submit and ship list orders online!  Requests that we run internally can be made available for our clients to view through NetCounts, and requests that our clients run online can be made into orders that are run internally.  This allows for more control, power, and flexibility than the canned solutions found elsewhere.

The majority of the software that we use is created and maintained by us.  We can custom-tailor solutions to fit the specific needs of our clients.  Unique requirements such as criteria-specific keycodes and custom output formats are easy for us to impliment and make available to our clients.

Just a few advantages of using NetCounts:
· 24/7 access to your lists from the convenience of any Internet connection
· no 3rd party "plug-ins" or "add-ons" for maximum compatibility and reliability
· Job status is available in real-time, and most selections take only a few minutes to process
· You can make orders subject to two-party approval, to ensure everything is correct before your order ships
· Detail Reports available in plain-text or Excel spreadsheet for your convenience
· Prior orders are available for suppression for up to two years
· All orders are archived online for up to two years, and can be stored offline for as long as you want
· Customer support is here to guide, help, or even perform the work offline to get the job done for you

To help our clients learn how to use NetCounts, we have created a tutorial, as well as offering free technical support.  If you would like to run DEMO selections, registration is quick and easy, and there is no charge or obligation.  If you have questions, or would like assistance, please feel free to contact us.

NetCounts Tutorial
The tutorial page is a step-by-step guide for creating list selections and count reports with a DEMO file of ficticious names and demographics.  You may click on images on the tutorial to expand them to full size, and even print the tutorial page to have it handy while you run DEMO selections and reports.

NetCounts Tutorial
NetCounts Demo
The NetCounts DEMO is a fully functioning (but fictional) mailing list, from which you can create and run selections and reports.  Demographics and other specifics are not limited to what you find on the demo page, but are custom-tailored to the criteria in your files and the needs of you and your customers.

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